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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 9, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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on our area bridges this shot here of the ben franklin bridge, will change, considering the weather conditions, still trying to battle black ice and snow throughout the neighborhoods. so could potentially see attributing i commute today. we'll have a full report coming up. erika. >> vet tore crashes thank youment back to breaking news right now, police in france say they're closing in on two men suspected in the terror attack on a saturday ear call magazine. >> security forces are staging a operation northeast of paris. alphonso van marsh joins us from london. we understand this is now a hostage situation; can you tell us more? >> reporter: that's right, ukee, it is a fluid situation the focus that far manhunt for those two fugitives is now about 25 miles northeast of paris, there are helicopters hovering over a small village, hundreds every police on the gown, french police official says at least one hostage has been takenment france's interior minister says operation to detain the suspect is underway. said and sharif are the most wanted men in france.
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>> the massive manhunt for two heavily armed fugitive brothers has now shifted to a town 25 miles northeast of paris. a french security official says the suspects stole a car this morning, and are on the move again. hundreds of police and security officers are on the scene, overnight police began searching homes and closing down roads after the brothers were spotted in the area thursday. authorities say 34 year old said and his 32 year old brother, char i have targeted the offices of charlie hebdo wednesday killing 12 people. the saturday ear call newspaper had a long track record of mocking islam and other religions but what truly motivated the suspect is still a mystery. french media describe them as brothers of al gear yan descent raise in the foster care and became drown to jihad in adulthood. investigators say the older brother was linked to a yes ma'am inerter orest network, traveled therefore training in 2011. while the younger brother served time for trying to join
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jihad battling in iraq. meantime, the staff of the weekly charlie hebdo has moved to temporary offices at another major newspaper in paris. the newspaper plans to publish 1 million copies next week. >> i do feel proud of these people. the fact that they were too long stand up, just different you know different breed in this small world of cartoonist cents. >> the light of the famed eiffel tower were dark last night to remember the victims. and today charlie hebdo will be made an honorary citizen of the city. now, the village where this situation is unfolding is just a few miles away from france's charles due gal airport, the airport areas northern runways are reportedly being used by helicopters in the manhunt operation. ukee erika? >> alfonso, we will continue to check in with you throughout our morning, thank you so much. erika? >> 5:02 right now. developing right now a man is in the hospital after a shooting in the parking lot of philadelphia mills. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is in northeast
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philadelphia, with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: well, erika, at this point investigators believe they know who they are looking for thanks, in part, to information from the victim, but also, surveillance video that caught that incident on camera. in northeast philadelphia, the parking lot of a 24 hour wal-mart becomes the scene after early morning shooting. >> this wal-mart was open for business. they there were cars in the parking lot not many, but customer cars in the parking lot, several customers in the wal-mart. there was about 20 employees in the wal-mart. so we're very fortunate that there was no one else injured noon one was struck by stray gunfire. >> shots fired possibly over monday that i was owed to the victims. but instead of collect that debt, police say the 26 year old man was shot in the chest arm, and leg all while he sat in the passenger seat of a car. >> the shooting victim, age 26 initially just driven to
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holy redeemer hospital by a family member, who we believe his 28 year old brother. >> after receiving the 911 call, police found shattered glass and spent shell casing about 75 feet from the entrance of the wal-mart, not far from philadelphia mills mall. evidence of a crime they say was caught on surveillance video. >> so, at this point we're told that victim is in guarded condition, again investigators believe they know who they are looking for. we'll keep you updated as we move forward this morning. that's the latest live in northeast philadelphia, nicole brewer cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you, nicole. let's get our traffic and weather together. >> definitely cold start poor nicole looks so, so chilly outside you will be too if you're not adequately prepared. be sure to have the nice heavy coat hat scarf gloves, all important on a day like this, isn't as bad on a morning as far as the windchill as
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yesterday, but the winds is still there. actually tracking little snowment out to storm scan3 very quickly the bark is so much worse than the bite on there is first thing we need to address but we have seen some snowflakes coming down, i don't anticipate that you will see much if any accumulation out of it, but could lead to poor visibility, could lead to slick spots. i can tell you i've been checking in on pleasant valley live neighborhood network shot all morning long, now if you look closely on the roadway there is a light little batch of snow that wasn't there over the last 45 minute, so, there is some verification that there are places in our area finally seeing some of the snow. but this is the outer rim after clipper. so the wind is, there eventually we will see these flakes just completely fizzle away. we ends up with sun but that breeze is noticeable. more out of the south today than anything. throughout the day, we expect to hit about 34 degrees, eventually getting in on the sun, but the win will not be easing up all that much. so again bundle up, it will be a necessity for us, at least through the weekend, vittoria over to you.
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>> with that cold weather we've been having some interesting situations. yesterday we had two vehicle fires, usually don't see that too much, in the winter, usually in the summer, but you just never know, do you? so, with that said, with weather like this, and traffic patterns that we usually see caused by slick spot, and even in the residential areas some of the packed snow and ice make sure that you're maintaining your vehicles, jump outside little earlier warm up your car. and also check the flu its real important and with the vehicle fires that we were seeing yesterday definitely even good reminder for myself. so traveling the area majors no problems. i mean, speed censors are high up into the 50's, vine st. expressway, schuylkill expressway, area bridges all running real smoothly, with no major delays, mass transit and things at the airport are also not looking too shabby. ukee? >> vet tore crashes thank you. fire damages a restaurant at popular bucks county shopping center. all happened last night at peddlers village in lahaska. chopper three over the scene at earl's bucks county. the fire chief say a grease
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fire ignited in the kitchen and quickly spread. take a look at some of the photos from police of the fire. everyone was able to get out safely. but the kitchen was completely destroyed. >> when we got here, the fire was blowing through the roof in the kitchen. we managed to control the fire and contain it through the kitchen area. we kept it out of the restaurant, but i'm afraid the kitchen has been destroyed. so i'm afraid they're going to be out of business for awhile. >> we talk to representative from peddlers village who told us the shopping sent letter evaluate the damage sometime today, and try try to figure out when the restaurant can reopen. developing right now divers trying to reach the tail of the airasia flight 8501 plane that crashed in the sea last week, they heard pings may be coming from the black boxes but able to reach them -- have not been table reach them yet. the goal is to use giant balloons to bring the tail to the surface. >> well, happening today president obama will unveil an
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initiative to make some community college free. the president released a preview of the initiative yesterday, in a videotaped message from air force one. >> put simply, what i would like to do is see the first two years of community college free for everybody who is willing to work for it. >> now the president's plan would cover part time and full time student who maintain a 2.5 grade point average. would only apply to schools who offer credit towards a four year agree or occupational training programs that award degrees in high demand fields. not surprisingly, some student think it is a good idea. >> i think it is a good idea, community college student and it would be awesome i'm currently paying for my tuition out of pocket t would be awesome to not have to worry about my tuition. that would really be awesome. >> so you know the president will detail his plan during a visit at a college in knoxville, tennessee would have to be approved though by congress. >> today family, friends get
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to pay their final good-byes to shane month gem i funeral mass will follow a 9:00 a.m. viewing at saint john the baptist church in manayunk. that's where search teams gathered after the 21 year old disappeared thanksgiving morning, following a night out with friends. thirty-six days later, divers recovered his body from the schuylkill river. >> it is heart wrenching nobody should go through something like this. >> you'll be in our prayers for many years to come. because no parent should ever have to bury their child. >> now shane's family requests in lou of gifts donations in his name can be sent to the garden state underwater recovery unit, or friends of saint john the baptist. >> well, search crews will be back out at daylight to look for the body of a worker presume dead in a bucks county silo clams. happened sometime midnight at riverside cement in the riverside industrial complex in bristol township north radcliff road. family members say the victim some tony gab re he will, 48 years old working nag trailer
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near the silo whether it collapsed. police on routine patrol made the discovery hours later. the u.s. department of labor occupation safety and health add menstruation is investigating the facility. >> well, we are continuing to follow breaking news from france, as the manhunt for two terror suspect intensifies. >> also, a frightening ride for the driver of a busus. he went flying nearly through the windshield there. now, see the dramatic video from inside that bus. >> also, a family looking for answers, after a young boy dice in a freak accident in a new jersey school. >> and we're finley breaking out that far deep freeze today. but don't be surprised if you still see a few snowflakes looking live outside. i'm guessing this is the poconos. >> cold morning, folks katie has the details on the seven day coming
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toll could be holdup right now with a hostage. the suspect are two brothers with ties to al quaida. >> developing right now in our area, search is underway for suspect in a shooting at philadelphia mills, former franklin mills mall, in northeast philadelphia. a 26 year old man is in the hospital with three gunshot wounds. he is expected to survive. >> 5:13. it may be friday, but it will be a cool one but not as bad as it could be? >> it is not as bad as it was yesterday, but it is still cold. you can't go walking around in shorts and t-shirt and be comfortable in this casino every weather. we do actually have clipper system yes another one that we're tracking. they zip right on through, boy. this is one actually still pent up across the the planes. we take you out to storm scan first and for most there is same time, now over the northeast and the new england area. and you can see, that it is obviously brinking in straight up snow, no mixing with it, just too cold at this point but the thing is sometimes looks can be deceiving on storm scan. sometimes it will show you things that look like it is really, you know pretty decent snow coming down, when
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it is not. that's kind whatever we have going on right now now, i am not saying no one will see snow. you will very likely in some of the areas that you're seeing the purple overlay see some snow showers. how much, it will have real hard time accumulating, but will probably reduce your visibility for short time, certainly lead to potential for slick travel. those are the things you want to be watching out for, and i find a loft times i bet vittoria would agree with me, the nuisance systems create biggest problems in terms of the roadways. but more wind, more cold today, the breeze is back, but the clip letter zip on out of here as they tend to do, lever with us sun before it is all said and done. also leave us back in the deeper freeze by tomorrow. so only back to the 20's, rebounding to 30's again sunday little roller coaster ride. sunday is okay day. not quite as harsh no where near as windy back to the 30's, closer to seasonable. 24 degrees meanwhile at trenton, allentown at 19, it is cold, but not as bad as yesterday. morning flakes for many of you, windy as well, that's what you got to factor in,
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won't feel any better than the teens, low 20's here today but frigid conditions do return tonight. so even though we hit this one day into the 30's, back to the 20's again tomorrow, despite full sunshine, sunday just not as harsh monday marks the arrival of our next storm system. torrey, over to you. >> thank you, so much, katie. if you are traveling out and about, let me tell you rest tently that's with we're seeing big big problems. if you are traveling northeast philadelphia around my neck of the woods not too far away, we'll look at verree and bloomfield. look at that snow. this is not too far from the penny park park avenue, bustleton, traveling in this area look at the turning lane, look at the median there. it is ice covered. and really, this is a situation even when i was leaving my own neighborhood, so this camera is really reflecting the current conditions that are very serious and trecherous for your commute. notice that if you are traveling, not only in the lanes, but we've even seen some of the skidmarks occur crossing over, because if you don't take it east which ice
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like this, that's what can definitely happen. in this area, actually, there was an earlier accident, it was cleared not too long ago and our cameraman did a great job picking up a lot of the ice, still lingering on the roadways again this is verree right around bloomfield. but this is going to be all over the northeast and even throughout the residential areas all over philadelphia, and so on, so for the. oh, we almost got a shot of the camera guy. any who let's keep it going looking at the majors, majors are different story. salt crews did great job on some of the area majors. take a look at the schuylkill expressway really because the snow is very minimal with so much traffic it, kind of relieves a lot of the snow coverage on the roads just in general. but, our majors look great at this point. no delays in either direction on any of our majors, at least at this point and no major delays for mass transit. erika? >> vittoria, thank you. welshing check out this. this bus is all banged up after colliding with a pick-up truck in albuquerque. now we're seeing the dramatic view of the crash from inside
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the bus. yikes. the bus driver almost, there almost went flying right through the windshield, before the bus smashed into concrete sign. police say the driver who hit him, ran red light amazingly we're told that bus driver only suffered some scratches. he, however, could receive a ticket though, because as you can tell he was not wearing his seatbelt. that will will gave you a inspiration to buckle upright there. apply goodness. >> boy, that's amazing. erika, thank youment big changes coming to some local malls, store getting ready to shutdown, how many people will be laid off. bill c cosby talks about the abuse accusation that is are dogging him the off the cuff remark that rubbed some people in the crowd the wrong way. we'll be back.
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months, now that the chain plans to close dozens of stores. total of 39 struggling stores across the country will shut down around the beginning of april. that includes the j.c. penney stores at the granite run mall in media and the cumberland mall in vineland. >> all right right now 5:20, time to check your philadelphia job market report. here's cbs news business analyst, jill schlessinger. >> if your new years resolution is to lands a new job, in 2015, where should you start? career builder compiled a list of the hottest jobs for the year ahead. it is based on data, which identifies companies that post more jobs each month than the number of hires they make. as a result, these firms are more likely to pay a premium for talent. there were nearly 70 occupations where the hiring rate didn't match the frequency of positions advertised. three occupations that showed the most growth, and don't require an advanced agree include marketing executives, which grew 10% over the last
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four years. network and computer system administrators grew by 7%, and software developers were up 15%. nearly 300 software developer positions are currently posted here in the philadelphia area on career builder right now. the icing on the cake, robust job creation is finally putting job seekers in a place where they may have some leverage. i'm jill schlessinger, cbs-3 "eyewitness
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get your free online valuation now at >> little bit of good news? >> depends how you look at it,
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thermometer is easing up, but it doesn't mean it feels that much milder to you. winds flow turning more southerly, it does help to, you know, increase the thermometer readings, but the winds is out there too. and as we take you out very quickly to storm scan3, actually still some snow. sort of just stuck in the fray right now of the outskirts of a larger clipper system. which, just by their very nature we talk about this earlier in the week, these clippers doesn't tends to bring a ton of moisture. >> this one certainly isn't either. but might see some snow showers or flakes out there this morning. right now hard time finding any flakes around the city, we take a look from palmyra cove, but the winds is out there. again, watch for some slick travel potential. if you see snowflakes out there, areas of poor visibility can't be ruled out either but it is going to be easing up, at least we can get you in the mid 30's here today. but with the wind, it still won't feel any better than the teens, or low 20's, at best. always a trade off. vittoria? >> thank you so much katie. and you know, traveling our majors right now not dealing with too much of a problem. but it is interesting katie
5:25 am
said that trade off on the majors looking pretty good. but residential seeing major problems associated with still lingering snow on the gown as well as ice. but, 4:22, little different story. excuse me. 422 little different story. trade off apparently 76, nine, a but looking at 422 still snow covered out there. traffic moving by, but you will notice no major delays. that's good news, even still some snow on the roadway not causing delays now it will later on, and take a look at some of the snow. as these vehicles are jumping on by. as it is just jumping off of the roadway. you still want to be careful out there. and just make sure your a proceeding on any roadway with extra caution and here's nine, a again not snow covered, but take it easy. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport looking just fine. ukee? >> thanks, vittoria n sports sixers get back in action tonight against the nets in brooklyn, together we continue to build the nets will be without three time all-star
5:26 am
duran williams out with a fractured rib. on the ice the flyers in action last night against the caps at the well, and r.j. umberger ties the game with a goal in the third period. the game would go to over time, and the flyers would win their second straight on on the big happen slot by jake voracek. give the assistant captain claude giroux, win in over time three-two fly guys at the well, will face-off at 1:00 against the boston bruins. >> thank you, the sit i have boston in the running to host 2024 summer olympics. boston's bid tops washington d.c., san francisco and los angeles as the us finalist. only boston and rome have officially bid so far. germly will likely smith berlin or hamburg, france hungary, considering bids, as well. olympic committee will award the games in 2017. so impressed how many years in advance. >> oh, no question about it. >> all that planning. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news"
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continue to follow breaking development in the manhunt for two terror suspect in france. nicole? >> and erika the parkingng lot after 24-hour wal-mart store becomes the scene after crime. coming up, we're live in northeast philadelphia, with the latest on that investigation. and, a young boy dies in a new jersey elementary school. we'll tell you about the freak accident that killed him. >> and vittoria and katie return they've got your traffic and weather together on the 3's. back in two minute.
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make it progresso or make it yourself. and try progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> breaking news in france, they're staking right now an operation in a town northeast of paris as they've take answer hostage. brothers said and cherif kouachi stole a car this morning, and shots were fired
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during the hijacking. they stormed the offices of charlie hebdo. among the dead the paper's editors and two police officers nearby paris airport, closed two runways as this operation continues. we'll stay with it, and bring you the latest developments. also happening right now shooting in the parking lot of philadelphia mills. >> one man in the hospital, another, on the run. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is at the scene in northeast philly for you right now. nicole? >> ukee, erika there is shooting was particularly of concern to police, because it happened here, in the parking lot of a 24 hour wal-mart store, not far from philadelphia mills, the shopping center, you see behind me. so you can imagine, just how concerned they were to hear that the shots rang out with customers, also employees, so close by, but we go ahead show you video of the crime scene from overnight again about 75 feet from the entrance of this wal-mart store. now, that's where the victim, 26 year old male, told officials he was meeting up with somebody to settle a debt when the person actually


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